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2020 Digital Media Landscape In Myanmar

Myanmar have 54.2 million population and internet user are significantly higher year by year. Currently, mobile SIM connection is 68.2 million and SIM penetration is 128% according to report of DKMads’s 2020 Digital Media Landscape in Myanmar.

1) DKMads is the strongest display advertising platform in Myanmar and is connected with more than 30 premium ad exchanges and owned an SSP platform to collected local publishers’ inventory. DKMads platform can reach 36 Million cookies if combine programmatic inventory and local ad network inventory in Myanmar.

2) Facebook has 22 million monthly active users and the highest age group is 25-34 (46%), 59% male and 41% female in Myanmar.

3) YouTube has 12 million monthly active users and 18-24 is the highest age group (29%) and male 45%, female 24% in Myanmar.

2020 Digital Media Landscape in Myanmar from Kyaw Ye Paing

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DKMads start established in 2018. The team members had more than 8 years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry and the team managed the digital campaigns for different kinds of local and global brands. The team members have the most experience in FMCG Brands, Pharmacy brands, Automobile brands, Telecom and different kind of brands and product categories in Myanmar. Digital Marketing is a fast developed industry in Myanmar and DKMads would like to develop a better Digital advertising culture in Myanmar.


As technology advances up to date, we established DKMads Co.,Ltd intended to help Entrepreneurs sell their products not just by advertising on social media platforms but also by advertising on many digital platforms.DKMads Co.,Ltd was....

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