There are three main reasons why your display adverting campaign is not effective well in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, Programmatic Advertising

1. May not reach to the right target audience

This is the most important problem to solve in the Myanmar digital marketing market. It may be two main reason your display ads may not reach to the right target audience.
(a) Your targeting strategy may be wrong (b) your third party programmatic display ads provider targeted to the mass audience even you asked them to do a specific audience. Because of all of the programmatic platform basically working on the RTB (Real-Time Bidding) system for the price. But, most of the brands and agencies want to fix price for the programmatic display ads. So, the third-party service provider needs to bit lower than the fixed price what they give to their advertiser or agencies in their programmatic RTB system. If the bidding lowers, the third party will get more revenue. The bidding is depending on the target audience, quality traffic, and viewability. If the target is wide, the bidding price is low and if the target is narrow, the bidding price is hight. So, don’t care about the price, check with your third-party service provider are they target set what you wanted to target.

2. The banner ads are showing in low-quality placement

If your banner ads are showing on the low-quality website or below the fold of the website with non-viewable, it will not effective and heard to remember your ads by the audiences. It is also depending on the third-party service provider what you chose. Because, if they want more revenue, they will bid low-quality traffic. Low-quality traffic is lower bidding and high-quality traffic is high bidding.

3. The banner ads are showing on unsafe placements

This fact needs to think logically. Do you think it will effective for your brand if your ads are showing in the fake news, crime news, wars, and porn website? If you think yes, you can skip this fact. If you think no, you need to choose a third-party service provider who cares about brand safety.

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